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“The Future of Penn Station” features painting of the old Penn Station by Patricia Melvin

In partnership with Rebuild Penn Station: a project of the National Civic Art Society, Agora presents “The Future of Penn Station,” an evening addressing various proposals to alleviate the problems of the current Penn Station, on Wednesday, October 24, 2018, at 7 pm, at the W83 Ministry Center, 150 West 83rd Street, NY. NY. My painting, “Old Penn Station, September Evening,

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“Rare Oil Painting/Recent Commission of Original Penn Station by East Village Artist Patricia Melvin to debut at Penn Station Event at ER Butler, December 13th. Rare in that few, if any, exist.”

“On December 13, the Rebuild Penn Station movement was launched at a Atelier & Co. and E.R. Butler & Co. Patricia Melvin, a noted Plein Air painter from the East Village, recently completed the painting which tracks a famed WW 2 era Black and White photograph taken from the roof of the New Yorker Hotel. In working

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I am honored to be mentioned in Michael J. Fressola’s review, “New exhibit ‘Inspired’ by kindred spirits of Staten Island marine master John A. Noble,” where he writes: …Similarly, New York streetscape painter Patricia Melvin’s fondness for color resembles Noble’s….Melvin, who paints in oil on linen, is drawn to old and possibly endangered brownstone neighborhoods.

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Collection of Ken Ratner on Pinterest

I am honored to have five of my paintings, “Jefferson Market,” “East Village, Morning,” “Sausalito Shacks,” “Golden Gate Bridge” and “Windy Day” included in the Collection of Ken Ratner on Pinterest. The last three, including “Windy Day,” a painting of an abandoned sail boat that I did in Vancouver, Canada, are included in “A Feeling

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