Author Archives: admin Review of Exhibition at the Noble Maritime Collection

I am honored to be mentioned in Michael J. Fressola’s review, “New exhibit ‘Inspired’ by kindred spirits of Staten Island marine master John A. Noble,” where he writes: …Similarly, New York streetscape painter Patricia Melvin’s fondness for color resembles Noble’s….Melvin, who paints in oil on linen, is drawn to old and possibly endangered brownstone neighborhoods.

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Collection of Ken Ratner on Pinterest

I am honored to have five of my paintings, “Jefferson Market,” “East Village, Morning,” “Sausalito Shacks,” “Golden Gate Bridge” and “Windy Day” included in the Collection of Ken Ratner on Pinterest. The last three, including “Windy Day,” a painting of an abandoned sail boat that I did in Vancouver, Canada, are included in “A Feeling

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Ken Ratner on Art of Patricia Melvin, 2010

If the spirit of Robert Henri, an artist who encouraged his students to look to the commonplace for inspiration, were to be conjured up today, I’m afraid he would be disappointed in what he would find. Too often, today’s artists do not look to their immediate surroundings and paint scenes of everyday life, as Henri

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The Waterbury Republican-American, Oct. 11, 2001

…”There [in Patricia’s paintings of NYC] the world is both large, and small, neighborly without being intrusive. In works like “Spring, East Village,” or “Jefferson Market, Summer”, an effervescent warmth shines through. Apple trees depend onto the warm bluish asphalt. Dogs and children frolic under the umbrella of traffic lights that stretch across the city

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The Rivertowns Enterprise, March 31, 2000

…”There is a carefully modulated warm glow to all of her small oil paintings…Without being cute, she makes everything beautiful…She conveys the barren desolation…Her landmark sites are well chosen and well documented. With a strong sense of light and dark…” – Jackie Petrillo, The Rivertowns Enterprise, March 31, 2000, p.23